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Division Functions

The county administrative staff supports the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners, Board of Equalization, and liquor licensing.

Administrative Staff

The county administrative staff is responsible for:
  • Administering liquor licenses and marijuana licenses
  • Maintaining board and commission applications and appointments
  • Maintaining the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners calendar and agendas
  • Publicizing legal notices

澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Administrator

The county administrator is responsible for:
  • Preparing the county budget
  • Providing the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners with the information they need for making decisions
  • Implementing policies adopted and approved by the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners
  • Acting as a liaison between the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners and other county departments, governmental entities, and the business community
  • Managing and supervising the following departments:
    • Airport
    • Building and Grounds
    • Department of Human Services
    • Finance
    • Fleet
    • Human Resources
    • Planning and Building
    • Road and Bridge
    • Senior Programs
    • Special Projects
    • Solid Waste
    • Transportation
    • Veterans Services
    • Weed and Pest Control