District 1

Steve Wadley
Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Resident since 2000

In 1977 at the age of 21 Steve became a Reserve Police Officer with the Albuquerque Police Department. In 1980 Steve graduated from the Albuquerque Police Academy and became a full time police officer. Throughout his 23 year career he achieved the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain in which he served as the Commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau where he was responsible for over 150 police employees.

In addition to Steve’s assignments at the police department, Steve was also appointed by the Governor of New Mexico as a Department of Public Safety Commissioner, and as a Commissioner for the Bernalillo 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Judicial Selection Commission. In 2002 Steve was requested by the Bernalillo 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Sheriff’s Department to serve as chairman of the Sheriff’s transition team.

Steve's community service and volunteer work include the following:

Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Human Services Citizen Review Board
Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Court Bond Reduction Volunteer
GED Proctor
Rotary Club Member
Big Brother/Big Sister member
Humane Society Board Member and President
High School Football Official for District 12 in Colorado.

Steve and his wife Jennifer enjoy visiting his son Cory, daughter-in-law Jessica and Grandson Steven. His son Chief Petty Officer Cory Wadley, serves in the United States Coast Guard as Officer in Charge of Coast Guard Station, Morro Bay, CA.