The Engineering Department helps to ensure the Health, Safety, and Welfare of Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Residents by inventorying, classifying, keeping records of and protecting 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 owner assets within the public rights-of-way, reviewing the engineering design of proposed development projects for conformance with Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Regulations, and ensuring compliance with Federal & State requirements for roadway design and safety within budgetary constraints. The 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Engineer oversees all capital improvement projects.

Robert Perry
澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Engineer
Phone: (970)264-5660
Fax: (970)264-6815