Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails

The Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Advisory Commission was established by the Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners in 2009. PROST shall act in an advisory capacity to the Board of 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Commissioners and to the 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网 Administrator in all matters relating to parks, recreation, open space, and trails in Archuleta 澳门太阳神娱乐澳门太阳神娱乐官网.


Gwen Taylor 970-731-0305
Karin Daniels 303-947-6475
Larry Lynch 970-731-5635
Marcie Ham 970-264-2231
Mat DeGraff 970-854-4361
Darren Lewis 970-264-4151 x 231


Meetings will be scheduled for the second Monday of the month, commencing at 5:00 p.m. at the Commissioners' Meeting Room.

Agendas and Minutes


Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan

Town to Lakes Trail Master Plan and Map